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Nince Henry bashed over Paul Kafeero, Herman Basudde comparison

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By Alfred Byenkya

Online music followers have bashed song writer and singer Nince Henry for comparing the late kadongo Kamu singers the late Paul Job Kafeero and Herman Basudde ( RIP)

In a post, Nince Henry said the two fallen Kadongo kamu singers were both good at their craft but annoyed his fans when he said that Paul Kafeero’s literature was insane

“The debate on Paul Kafeero and Basudde can be solved like this simple. They were both poetic. Paul was highly melodic and a mark higher vocally but his literatue was insane,” he said

Nince Henry bashed over Paul Kafeero comparisons. Internet photo

He further stated that Basudde’s strength as a musician was producing music which had a lot of proverbial lines and ended his post by saying Kafeero was a better song writer than basudde and is the greatest song writer of all time

The post forced his facebook followers to pour comments disputing his opinion on the two singers, who were the stars of the Kadongo kamu style of music in the 80’s and 90’s era.

Fellow artiste and Swangz Avenue music producer Viboyo Oweyo however said that Basudde was a better song writer than Basudde and other kadongo Kamu singers of that time

“I refuse! I respect both of them but Basudde’s writing and Insights through life, there’s nothing to be compared ever. Basudde is like TUPAC,” he said in a facebook post

He added by saying that even Paul Kafeero respect Herman Basudde’s song writing skills. There’s some information on the late Basudde’s facebook page,”

Robross music, Uganda disagreed with Nince Henry and said kafeero is not the greatest song writer and singer ever because the late Mozey radio is Uganda’s greatest song writer of all time

“ Mowzey radio achieved a lot in his 10 years as a singer and song writer and is more of an international artiste, something which the late paul Kafeero never achieved because kadongo kamu was a music brand of the people of Buganda and consumed mainly in the central region of Uganda.

Cissy Nabbaale said in her post that the young generation think kafeero is the greatest but Basudde is the G.O.A.T of this genre of music and warns young people not to debate this topic because none of them was mature when the two fallen singers were the stars of the game.

Basudde died of a car accident as he was travelling from Masaka to Kampala in 1997 while the late Paul Kafeero died on 17th, May-2007 at Mulago hospital. 

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