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Nina Roz flees country to protect mental health – Manager

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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Nina Roz has left the country for Kigali, Rwanda according to singer Bruno K and her manager, King because of mental health issues. King said Black Market Records (BMR) having her YouTube channel with all her songs taken down left her very depressed and she needs prayers.
Bruno K attributed one of the triggers to singer Angella Katatumba turning up for media interviews, accusing them of not understanding contracts. Bruno and Katatumba clashed on Saturday on UBC TV when she accused him of the same. 
“People like Angella Kakatumba have been going to TV stations disparaging us that we do not know what we signed. Why is she failing to defend a fellow female and a singer? Nina is not doing well emotionally. Katatumba is not a witness to our contracts, but is busy discussing us,” he fumed. 
Nina’s channel according to her manager, King, was taken down with all her old songs that she worked on while with other labels and those she worked with on her own. BMR unveiled her in September 2020. 
Bruno K added that he is waiting for her to get back so they can have a press conference on the matter and collectively take legal action. 
The BMR CEO, Cedric Singleton and Bruno K started clashing early this month after his collaboration with Nina Roz, Nipe Love was reported by Singleton who had it taken down by YouTube over issues of rights. A week ago, Daddy Andre claimed Bruno had dropped the idea of taking legal action after the label explained the contract to him.

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