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Nina Roz drags Daddy Andre to Police

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By Alex Balimwikungu

A few months ago, they acted as hen-pecked lovers. Today, they no longer see eye to eye.

The bad blood between the former singing couple is so bad; Nina Kankunda (Nina Roz) has dragged Daddy Andre (Andrew Ojambo) to Police.

Their beef stems from a car which they jointly owned.

Information obtained by The Kampala Sun indicates that Nina Roz accuses Andre of selling the car, a Toyota Mark X of the UBF series, behind her back.

In the case filed at Central Police Station (CPS) Kampala, Nina Roz reported the matter after going days without seeing the car that she had lent to Daddy Andre.

In her statement, she discloses that she went to a car bond in 2020 with Daddy Andre and negotiated to buy a Toyota Mark X registration number UBF 156C at sh21m.

They paid an installment of sh10m cash and Nina Roz signed an agreement as the buyer with Daddy Andre as the witness.

“Over time, I collected the balance and gave it to Daddy Andre to clear the remaining balance on the car. However, when I cleared the balance to zero, Andre indicated in the car log book that he was the owner,” Nina Roz narrates.

Although she painfully stomached that fact, she was recently driven out of her wits when Andre sent a mutual friend to borrow the car for a quick errand. She never saw the car again.

Nina went to the Police and reported the case of a stolen car. The Police responded and arrested a car broker who led them to the new car owner.

At the time, the logbook had already been transferred from Daddy Andre’s name to the new owner’s name.

Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan spokesperson, said they were looking into ways of having the singers solve the matter amicably with a closed-door meeting scheduled for next week.

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