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Nina Roz and Brian Weiyz share romantic moments

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By Hussein Kiganda

Singer Brian Kaganda could be ‘chasing’ fellow singer Nina Akankunda Rose also known as Nina Roz as the two were seen having fun intimately at a nightspot around town.

In the picture, the two are sharing the same ice cream and Nina is coming closer to swap saliva with Brian Weiyz.

The Kampala Sun reached out to Brian Weiyz to find out whether the two are romantically attached, but the singer refused to open up.

“Whatever you want to think, you can think of it. But this is just a photo, why do you think there is something more?” Brian Weiyz said.

Nina Roz could be looking for another catch after she fell out with producer and songwriter Daddy Andre, with whom they shared marital life.

However, this could also be a stunt since the two recorded a song a few months ago. Nina Roz is fond of stunts and could be training the young Brian.

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