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Nile Breweries MD brings Brazilian flair to Corporate League

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Nile Breweries Limited (NBL) only recently announced Brazilian Adu Rando as their new managing director in Uganda.

Randu, who replaced David Valencia, literally hit the ground running. 

On Sunday, February 26, many were pleasantly surprised when he captained his side in the managers’ game at the Corporate League.  The game usually comprises individuals who are 35 years and above.

Randu, a former professional volleyball player, was a joy to watch with his crisp passing and one-touch football. Many reckoned he brought Brazilian flair to the Corporate League and was likened to Brazilian great Kaka.

Sadly, for all his heroics, he could do so much. He had a goal bound ball cleared off the line as the drew 1-1 with Movit. For the second game with MTN Uganda, Rando looked visibly tired after exerting himself hard. They lost the game. His spirits remained high.

“I am pleased with myself and the team. I last donned soccer boots three years ago, but I am loving the challenge. I encourage fellow CEOs to join and not miss out on the fun,” he said. 

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