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Nightmare: US based Ugandan couple grieve after son mysteriously drowns

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By Kampala Sun writer

A Ugandan couple based in the US grabbed international headlines following the untimely death of their son, who mysteriously drowned in a pond on Wednesday.

The couple identified as Samuel Kkonde and Harriet Lwanga, of Lowell, MA, lost their three-year-aged son Harry Kkonde.

It is reported that the search for a 3-year-old boy who disappeared from his babysitter’s backyard ended tragically with his body found in a pond.

On Wednesday afternoon, the remains of the toddler were discovered in a pond in a Christmas tree farm located 650 feet from his babysitter’s house in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Photo collage of Samuel Kkonde and Harriet Lwanga, and their deceased son Harry Kkonde.

‘I want to be clear that we have no idea how Harry came to reach that pond, where he might have been or how long it might have taken him to reach that pond,’ stated Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan.

The boy’s parents took him to his babysitter’s home around 7am on Tuesday, cops said.  

Shortly after, around 9.30am, the boy’s babysitter reported him missing. Police immediately began searching for him, with 200 officers, K9 units, helicopters, drone operators and cops on horseback dispatched in the effort.

Lowell police alerted the community of his disappearance using a reverse 911 system to reach residents and ask them to contact authorities if they had information on the toddler.

‘This is obviously every parent’s worst nightmare: a child who disappears for a very short period of time, the excruciating hours of the search and then the recovery of his body,’ Ryan said.

His body was found about five feet deep at the edge of a murky pond that divers had gone into on Tuesday, it was reported.

The boy’s body was recovered just before 2pm, which was about 29 hours after he was last seen. He was found not long after police defended their decision not to issue an Amber Alert because there was ‘no reason to believe’ foul play was involved.

Police said the toddler likely wandered through the woods. His cause of death has not yet been disclosed.  

The sources also reveal that A go fund me campaign has been created to help out the family  with the funeral arrangements and  repatriation of the body to Uganda for proper burial

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