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Netizens refuse to let Obore mourn in peace

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun Writer

Parliament’s director of communications and public affairs, Chris Obore, is mourning former Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, who was laid to rest in Ajuri village, Lalogi sub-county in Omoro district on April 8.

It should be remembered that Obore returned to office on May 25, 2021 – a day after the defeat of Speaker Rebecca Kadaga.

In September 2019, Kadaga forced him out of office, and ordered not to return.

Following the election of Jacob Oulanyah (Omoro County) as Speaker of parliament, and Anita Among (Bukedea Woman) as the deputy, Obore was able to return to his office.

Therefore, it’s no brainer that the man is grieving following the demise of the person who reinstated him in his position after almost two years of forced leave. Oulanyah was someone Obore called a friend. The wound is still fresh. But netizens won’t let him be.

Obore is not taking things lying down either. He is going for the jugular.

Obore must be a fan of American television programme Yo Momma, where participants insult each other’s mothers, for most of his rebuttals on social media touch the softest spot in even the hard-hearted.

Jim Jam mocked him, saying: “I hear Kadaga is coming back. Have you sorted your recruitment saga?”

Obore responded by asking “Why don’t you send your mum?”

Jacob Bogers wondered if Oulanyah was a thief to which Obore responded: “He stole your mother.”

For other netizens, Obore attacks the parents, grandparents or entire clans.

One social media user asked him: “Who will mourn you?”

“Your wife and children plus your grandmother,” Obore replied.

Richard Okwi reprimanded Obore, accusing him of being petty “yet he is a director”.

“If you throw stones at every barking dog, when will you fix your destiny? Be decent and smart for your office that holds dignity. You still operate in a crude news room mentality.”

In retaliation, Obore aimed for Okwi’s father.

“Take your dignity to your father, not me. Go and become a director where you want if it’s what you want.”

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