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Netizens bash Kenzo’s rendition of Philly Bongoley Lutaaya’s ‘Born In Africa’ song

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

Whoever told Eddy Kenzo to redo Born In Africa, a song originally sang by the legendary Philly Bongole Lutaaya, might not have been thinking straight. 

Kenzo’s version of the song has been criticised by a large section of the public, with others suggesting that he withdraws it because he did not do it justice.

Socialite Bad Black labelled the song a failure that is capable of annoying the family of the late Lutaaya.

Well, it was not only her that was annoyed about the song. Several more posted on internet criticising it. 

Princee Live: “This song is very nice, especially when the volume is off.”

Ollivia Badu: “I’m sorry, my brada, but you should be considering redoing this song.”

Isaac Isaac: “In all sincerity, the song is lacking in some aspects. I expected more. It’s worse than the original version. Never the less, big up, Eddy, Uganda’s biggest.”

Kayizzi Annet: “I am trying so much to listen to this song, naye banange even if I trim it to the end, I fail to find an interesting part.”

Shadrack Twist: “You ashamed us, the song is fake, please respect people’s music. This time around you failed.”

However, Kenzo’s diehards are always on hand to defend him no matter what. They praised the song as being good for Uganda’s tourism.

Pretie Gal: “Ugandans just love provoking where it’s not necessary.”

Denis Kiwa: “Due to comments, I was forced to go on your YouTube channel to watch and listen. Man, the song is too good.”

Boran Ug: “This is a beautiful song and it attracts tourists.”

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