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Netball moves from corridor to a mega office

by Editorial Team
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By Julius Senyimba
Since the new Uganda Netball Federation Executive led by president Hon. Sarah Babirye Kityo took over office a couple of months ago, the aroma from their kitchen has been a salivating affair. 
With the communication department doing the needful in informing the public about their small steps via their social media platforms which are days old, a bright future is the only stop for them for now.
With a term of four years, moving their offices from the Lugogo indoor arena corridors to a full floor on Agha Khan House in Old Kampala was a big statement of what awaits the golden game

Number seven in the world rankings and third on the continent, a scientific event was to take place yesterday to officially open the offices, but this did happen. However, the secretariat is already working in the new comfort zone. 
“We were supposed to open our new office today, but due to unavoidable circumstances we have postponed the event to another date we shall communicate soon. Sorry for inconvenience,” Uganda Netball Federation noted.
With a mega step of graduating from a briefcase Federation to a PO Box one, the vision of being number one in the world might be a far fetched one, but not an impossible achievement.

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