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NDA bans sale of libido booster

by Editorial Team
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By Betty Amamukirori 

One of the easiest ways to get rich in Uganda is to sell ‘manpower’ and ‘water’ boosters. The National Drug Authority (NDA) has banned the sale of a product, M-Magix Coffee, which has found fame in Uganda for allegedly boosting men’s sexual prowess. 

The drug, according to the manufacturers, helps increase testosterone in males with low level of the primary sex hormone and increases sperm count. It’s also said to be a remedy for erectile dysfunction, improves muscle strength and endurance and  relieves stress, anger, depression and anxiety. 

The manufacturers claim that the product is “well examined and manufactured by health experts. It is no secret that the best medicines are from our plants and organic resources.” 

However, in a press statement issued yesterday, NDA revealed that a laboratory analysis of samples picked from the market revealed that the product is adulterated with sildenafil citrate, a drug for erectile dysfunction, which should be used under strict prescription by medical personnel. 

NDA says the drug has serious side effects, including extreme abdominal complications, respiratory and heart problems, renal failure, and can lead to cardiac arrest or even death. 

“The public is strongly warned against using M-Magix Coffee and NDA hereby directs all pharmacies, drug shops, supermarkets and the general merchandise shops to stop sale or stocking of this product,” read the NDA statement. 

It also directed the importers of the product to stop importation and recall all the supplied batches of the product immediately. 

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