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Naira Ali outs list of men she crushes on

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By Hussein Kiganda

Nabattu Naira Ali, a Ugandan singer based in the US, has outed a list of the men she crushes on in Uganda.

Posting on her social media handles, the Bukodyo singer revealed that she crushes on Slick Stuart, Eddy Kenzo and Rabadaba.

“My Man Crush Monday,” she wrote and posted the photos of the three.

Naysayers on social media were quick to remind her that Rabadaba has a wife and Eddy Kenzo is not her level.  Others told her to try Slick Stuart because he seems to be the most lonely among the trio.

“Kenzo is not your  level, Rabadaba is taken. Maybe try Slick Stuart,” they opined.

To note, the last we heard, Naira Ali had a boyfriend.

Slick Stuart


Rabadaba is a newly married man

Eddy Kenzo

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