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Naava Grey says industry politics got her off the charts

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Naava Grey said she is not bothered by the fact that she is off the local music charts because it is a product of industry politics. She argued that there is no single label that picks an A-list talent who is not theirs and leaves their own D-list artiste to represent the country anywhere.
She explained that she is in control mentally and spiritually and so is not under any kind of pressure to prove a point or release music.
“I do not release music because my songs are still hot to this day. Nteredde, Sokalami, there is one I did with Bruno K (Aliwa). Being in control helps the artiste mentally. There are those that lose it because of pressure. It is a form of therapy not to subject people to pressure,” Naava said.
She added that artistes such as Sia and Sade do not release music all the time, but are still some of the world’s most revered artistes.
Naava Grey is a product the Tusker Project Fame, a 2008 finalist who released her first album in 2011 under Fenon records. The 12-track album among others had Aliba Waani and Nteredde that were well received.

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