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My wife is for vacations, not the kitchen – GNL

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By Ahmad Muto

According to rapper GNL, his wife Miriam Tamar is not one for keeping in the kitchen like the patriarchy expects, but for catching trips and vacations. In his opinion, the reason a number of men keep their women in the kitchen is marrying people they do not relate well with on all levels. However, GNL said that is being deconstructed slowly as women empowerment fast becomes a major topic of conversation.
“When people do not mix well, they hide their wives in the kitchen, but mine is not for hiding there, she is for vacations, and as women get more empowered, we are seeing more power couples coming through,” he said.
Having formed a music duo called Nsimbi with his wife, he said Kanye West is a rapper and designer while Kim Kardashian compliments him with her skin care and beauty products, arguing that in the past, the spotlight was reserved for only men.
“Kanye designs merchandise, Kim Kardashian has a skin care product. Tamar is a musician and fashion designer, script-writer and director. We have so much in common. But back in the day, it was a patriarchal society and the spotlight was preserved for the male yet the strongest piece when you are playing chess is the queen,” GNL said.
Tamar on her part said there must be space for the feminist man and space for women to be their true partners and that is how they work as a partnership.

Over the weekend, while appearing alongside his wife in an interview on a local television channel, the pair revealed their plan was not to get married, but just work together and have fun until they decided to get hitched.

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