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My suits were eaten by rodents, laments embattled MP Ssegirinya

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By Jeff Andrew Lule 

Kawempe North lawmaker Muhammad Ssegirinya regrets the day he was imprisoned.

He said when he was released on February 13, 2023 after almost two years in prison, he found his property and projects destroyed.

Ssegirinya revealed that his land was taken.

On one of the plots of property he had purchased, he claimed to have found a structure that had been erected.

On February 13, the High Court in Masaka city granted bail to Ssegirinya and his counterpart, Allan Ssewanyana, MP for Makindye West. They had both been held without bail since September 2021.

Ssegirinya claimed in an interview that when he got home from prison, he discovered that rodents had destroyed all his suits.

“I never wish someone jail. I purchased nice shoes and suits in Turkey because I was so eager to attend Parliament,” he said.

Ssegirinya made note of the fact that all of the programmes he had started to help his voters had failed.

“I lost most of the things I had started,” he said.

“Two years in prison is not a joke. In my absence, a lot of things have changed. My wife was the only thing I found in excellent condition,” he said. 

Stranger to my children

Ssegirinya said he was shocked to discover that even his little children could not identify him as their father.

“The older ones remembered me, but the young ones began to cry as I tried to carry them. They were turning me down.  Somebody would even think  that I’m stealing a child,” he continued.

Ssegirinya recalled a time when he was in a supermarket with one of his young children and claimed that he would have been arrested if the people there didn’t know him, even though he had only gone to purchase the youngster ice cream. 

Living in fear

Ssegirinya claims that even though he and Ssewanyana are currently free, he still lives in terror.

“Since I haven’t yet met the people responsible for my imprisonment, I worry whenever I hear sirens behind me and assume that they are after me,” he said.

“There is a lot of stress in prison because of the bad conditions. The bad food, and bedbugs. In prison you are equal to each other and life was totally different from the one we knew,” Ssegirinya continued.

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