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My show was not a flop – Crysto Panda

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By Hussein Kiganda

Events host, media personality and musician Crysto Panda has rubbished claims that his recently held show at Hotel Africana in Kampala was a flop.

The Empele singer turned into a laughing stock after pictures of a handful of revellers who turned up for the show were shared on the internet. 

In an interview, Panda questioned his critics’ analyses, arguing that he got exactly the audience he hoped he would get at the show dubbed Panda TurnUp.

“Why do people think it flopped? Did you hope to find about 20k people? What you should know is that I got the people I wanted. Those that came through were my real fans,” he said of the May 6, 2023 show.

Panda also clarified that he is not depressed as some media personalities asserted, basing on the turnout at the show.

“I am not depressed, I invested less money and got it back. And the money I got from there was for charity, to help some people out there,” he said.

Panda revealed plans to put up another show in December 2023, and hopes to have a better turnout.

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