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My memory loss helped me forget SK Mbuga- Kayondo

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By Paul Waiswa

The year 2020 was forgettable for singer Leila Kayondo. She was pegged by grief as she lost loved ones in the space of months.

In March and July 2020, singer the Nyumirwa singer lost her father and brother respectively.  Her mother later died in December.  The grief never left her the same and she confesses that part of her died.   Her feelings also died and that way, she came to forget her ex-boyfriend, Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga (SK Mbuga)

She has disclosed that the memory loss including her past love life.

She narrated that she doesn’t remember her ex-boyfriend, SK Mbuga besides glancing at photos of them across social media platforms.

“SK Mbuga? Who is that? A lot of people ask me about him but I don’t remember who is. They tag him as someone I was romantically involved with, but to be honest, I have no recollections. I try to read about the matter and see pictures of us on Google, but nothing comes to me. He must have been a good man to me,” Leila said in an interview.

She also revealed that she is open to dating again and is now ready to move on to a new relationship.

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