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My first house was branded a toilet on social media- Banjo man

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Banjo man and his entire brethren became a topic of conversation two weeks ago after Eddy Yawe unveiled his mega mansion. Not long before that, Mikie Wine had unveiled his despite a music career not illustrious enough to match. It generated questions about their source of income. Banjo man has been on the receiving end of the questions because at 36 years, he has a house he unveiled in 2018 claiming cost him sh1 billion.
He has now said years ago when he proudly showed the world his first house of three rooms, he was not showered praises but instead told to cease and desist from sharing his ‘toilets’ on social media. That even the few that congratulated him didn’t restrain themselves from throwing shade.
“People are meant to talk and they always will. When I built my first house, it was a rental and I was sleeping in one of the rooms while I rented the other two. I posted it on Facebook, my first post. People insulted me and asked me to stop showing them my toilets on social media. There were those that congratulated me but still added that the place looked terribly ghetto,” he explained.
At that point, he was earning a sh300,000 from his tenants per month. Now he is a big landlord in the areas of Kamwokya and beyond.
From Bobi Wine, Eddy Yawe, Fred Nyanzi, Mikie Wine to their sister Irene Kayemba, none has a house that does not qualify to be called a mansion. 

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