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Mwenda blasts Sheebah Karungi over sexual molestation claims

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Singer Sheebah Karungi took to her social media early this week and narrated how a client tried to sexually harass her.

The singer did not reveal the name of this client, but she said that he is a prominent person in the country. According to Sheebah, the man inappropriately touched her before a performance over the weekend.

Within minutes of the revelation, names were thrown around and old man of the clan, Andrew Mwenda’s name featured prominently on social media. He never responded and with each passing day, his silence became more deafening. He has now come out guns blazing,

Sheebah Karungi recently came out to reveal she was molested before a show (Photo: file)

Mwenda took to twitter on Friday to blast Sheebah, claiming the whole story is a fabrication. Andrew Mwenda called out singer Sheebah Karungi for what he calls her publicity stunt, dismissing her claim to have been assaulted as pure fiction and ‘sickening’.

“A local musician known as Sheebah Karungi went on YouTube with a video. She claimed that some man who appears on television and presents himself as a role model raped her. She does not reveal the name of this man but claims this man has SFC guards and that the incident happened at an event where she performed. Yet she does not mention the event, the date, time and place of her rape,” he says.

“Sheeba claims, again with characteristic ambiguity, that this man violated her body to her disgust but she does not specify whether it was rape or indecent assault. But she claims he did so in the presence of her staff in her car and was protected by his guards from SFC. “

“I find it strange that a woman of her stature can be violated in such a humiliating and painful experience and instead of reporting the offender to the police, she takes the matter onto social media. To gain what? Sympathy? Why not seek justice through the police and the courts? In any case she could have pursued both: sympathy in the public sphere and justice in the courts of law,” he adds.

“When her video came out, someone went on social media claiming that I was that person who raped her. I have never in my life met this Sheeba and had never even heard of her until this video came out and allegations made against me. When I watched the video I gave her the benefit of the doubt believing she is a descent (sic) person. I expected her, seeing how viral these allegations have gone, to come out and say I am being wrongly accused since I have never met her. She has kept stone silent. “

According to Mwenda, he has talked to the CID who has agreed to open a case to find out the person who allegedly raped singer Sheeba Karungi. ” Police are going to call her and ask her to reveal the offender. Sheeba is being disingenuous in hiding the true rapist as social media lynch me,”

If Sheeba was either raped or sexually molested or violated in any way, the offender should he apprehended by police, taken to courts of law to face justice. She therefore has a duty to reveal this offender to the authorities so that justice can be served.

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