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Muslim artistes form association for farming support

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By Hussein Kiganda

Muslim artistes, led by Rashid Kasumba also known as Swahaba Kasumba, have started an association in order to lobby for funding.

“Muslim groups like the Mataali and Kaswida have not been recognised. We decided to bring them together to form one entity where we can be helped at once. We are aiming at development. We are going to start a Savings and Credit Cooperative Society that will help us get agricultural help because most of us are agriculturalists,” Swahaba, who has sang songs like Amiina and Omwana Wamaama, told The Kampala Sun.

The leaders of The Muslim Artists Association of Uganda have already been voted, with Swahaba being the president. There are several other artistes in the association, including Da Agent, Mad Tiger, No Creature and Sweet Kid.

Swahaba revealed that even Stabua Natooro, Geosteady and Haruna Mubiru are part of it even though they never attended the launch.

During the launch of the organisation at their office in Makindye, a city suburb, recently, former Supreme Mufti Sheikh Kasule Ndirangwa, who became their patron, urged the members to stick to music that educates the masses and brings them closer to Allah.

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