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Musicians to receive sh156,000 from UPRS trust

by Editorial Team
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By Joan Murungi

Last week on Friday, musicians converged at National Theatre for the annual general meeting of Uganda Performing Rights Society (UPRS).

It is said that over 1600 musicians are registered members under UPRS and that the society collected 250million from users of music last year.

During the meeting, members where to vote on whether to distribute this amount to the 1600 members or convert it into a benevolent fund to support artists in need. However, many suggested that the money should be distributed among the artistes registered under UPRS.

UPRS during an engagement with the musicians. Photo by Joan Murungi.

This means that 250million will be distributed among 1600 musicians and each of them will walk away with 156,000shs.

James Sserumaga one of the members on the board of directors of UPRS told the Kampala Sun that for the deceased that were registered under the trust, their money will be given to their relatives.

“Their music is still consumed and being it that they are registered members of UPRS, their money will be given to their relatives. The late Moses radio was also a registered member. If that time comes, we shall summon his family to receive the money.”

“Even if the money distributed amongst each of the musicians is 120,000shs, we shall make sure each of them gets the money.” Sserumaga revealed.

He went ahead and told the Kampala Sun that Radio has over 200 songs and that he did not withdraw his membership. 

UPRS is still collecting money from this music and this still fetches him money.

Before the late died, he was unpleased with the way UPRS was handling the issues of musicians’.

“He advocated for the change of administration and this was done. Some musicians think UPRS is fake simply because radio wasn’t happy with it but remember that he never withdrew his membership.”Sserumaga said.

He calls upon musicians to verify their membership through the new administration to ensure that they benefit from the UPRS trust.

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