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Musicians Roden Y Kabako, Pallaso end beef

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By Paul Waiswa

For a couple of years, singers Roden Y Kabako and Pallaso have not been seeing eye to eye.

Kabako has always ensured that his music events fall on the same dates as Pallaso’s and even held them in venues close to his.

It should be remembered that when Pallaso had his concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval concert, Kabako staged his at Centenary Park.

The fights have been oral mostly and, to some extent, lyrical.


However, after the pandemic, Kabako seems to have had a change of mind, even going as far as inviting Pallaso to his concert this weekend.

Kabako rubbished claims that he holds any grudges against Pallaso.

Both singers once belonged to Team No Sleep music label until Pallaso quit to form Team Good Music before joining Karma Iven management

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