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Musicians federation president Kenzo rips into Bobi Wine over ‘money-hungry’ remarks

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

The Uganda National Musicians Federation president (UNMF), Eddy Kenzo, has not taken lightly comments made by musician-cum-politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine about the federation.

He insists that Bobi Wine is just a politician who will latch onto anything trending to stay relevant.

Kenzo’s rebuttal comes just a day after Bobi Wine stated that UNMF was a sham federation. He (Bobi Wine), while addressing youth at a youth convention at the National Unity Platform offices in Kavulu, Kampala on Monday, May 22, described UNMF as a collection of money-hungry individuals hell-bent on getting free money. 

“That federation largely comprises people who are united by their quest to obtain money from the Government,” Bobi Wine revealed.

Kenzo never took the remark lying down. 

“That elder of ours is a politician. He uses this agenda for his own selfish political gains since he is Opposition-leaning and every negative comment against the Government gets him mileage,” Kenzo said while at a UNMF retreat at Serene Suites Hotel, Mutundwe in Waksio district on May 23.

Kenzo revealed that when they realised that the Government was keen on developing the artistes and the arts industry, they had to organise themselves.

“We are negotiating with the Government. We are not begging for anything,” he emphasised.

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