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Musicians’ federation president Kenzo moves to reconcile Alien Skin, ‘remorseful’ Pallaso

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By Jeff Andrew Lule

The recently-established Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) is set to mediate between warring musicians Patrick Mulwana aka Alien Skin and Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso.

On Monday night, May 29, a video of Pallaso roughing up Alien Skin circulated on social media.

The two were detained by the Police afterwards, but while they were being driven to the station to record statements, Alien jumped off the moving patrol car and fled.

Many condemned Pallaso’s action.

The president of the federation, Eddy Kenzo, said they have already spoken to Pallaso being a member of the federation and he has expressed regret for his thoughtless behaviour.

Pallaso also apologised to Alien and the public on Twitter on Tuesday (May 30, 2023), explaining that he had acted out of hunger and regretted what he had done.

Even so, various groups of young people who claim to be Alien enthusiasts said Pallaso should be held accountable at all costs.

Additionally, Alien, who claimed he had nothing against Pallaso, urged him to apologise to the members of his team who were hurt in the altercation.

“Because Alien is also our colleague, friend, and brother, we will figure it out. When everyone has calmed down, we’ll meet with them and talk to them to figure out how we can make things right,” Kenzo noted in an interview.

He said people always fight, even in big offices and other settings for a variety of reasons, but usually find a way to make up.

Kenzo, however, said such altercations between artistes should be discouraged since they can quickly spiral out of control.

“Many people are calling it a stunt, but I don’t believe Pallaso would have loved such at this point in time when he is gearing up for his concert. I ask that everyone maintain their composure and that those who are angry with him go and support his presentation. Let us just tell him that it was bad and never to do it again,” he added.

Pallaso’s Love Fest concert is slated for this month, June.

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