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Musician Alien Skin defends self on Ykee Benda saga

by Editorial Team
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By Joan Murungi

In a recent radio interview with a local radio station, singer Alien skin was asked what he knows
about singer Ykee Benda and he went mute before responding: “I know nothing about him.”

Since Ykee Benda was also present during the interview, Alien Skin went ahead and asked him if he
knew a thing about him too. As if in retaliation, the Superman hit-maker went mute as well.

While some people have chosen to laugh at Ykee Benda, others have blamed Alien Skin for being the cause of the rift between the two men. They said Alien Skin was only pretending not to know Ykee Benda.

When Alien Skin was asked about the remarks he made about Ykee Benda in an interview on March 3, he
instead blamed people for being concerned about petty issues.

Ykee Benda

“I was asked what I know about Ykee Benda and I said I know nothing about him. What should I know about him? Am I his next of kin or neighbour?” Alien Skin asked.

“That day, I even asked Ykee Benda himself if he knew a thing about me and he went silent. I am Alien
and he is Ykee Benda. I only see him as Ykee Benda. What did you want me to say?”

When told about how fans brand his music bubble gum music, Alien sarcastically advised them to relax since he is still releasing more of such music.

“People used to speak about bubble gum music and I never knew what it meant. Now that I know that it is where I belong and that it’s the kind of music that fades away in a short period of time, I will keep releasing two to three songs on a daily to keep on track. If it fades too, I will keep releasing more and when music totally fails, I will go back to my home village,” he said.

Alien Skin noted that words will never break him since he is in the music industry to stay.

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