Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Home Music Music Video Review: Mbikwasagwe – Flex D’Paper FT Shena Skies

By Dennis Asiimwe 

Well, he has often come across as a wholesome rapper, with family-friendly lyrics, but on Mbikwasagwe, a collaboration with Shena Skies, he takes things up a notch.

Mbikwasagwe translates to “I have left everything in your hands.” The track is delightful, with excellent instrumentation (I sense the subtle production of Nutty Neithan), Paper’s rapping and Shena Skies’ wonderful vocals. She’s got some pipes on her, a sort of delicate power.

The video for Mbikwasagwe is something of a home video in disguise – no surprises there, since it was probably shot in the lockdown. So, there’s limited sets – the exterior a bungalow, interspersed with cutaways of a hilly location in the city. The simplicity of the video works, when you take into consideration the lyrics of the song – it’s almost as wholesome. 

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