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Music Review: Sitya Danger – Alien Skin

by Editorial Team
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By Dennis Asiimwe

He is probably beginning to loathe the message behind this song, considering the events of the last few days (including that daring sprint from the back of a Police 999 patrol that was proof that perhaps he is also a talented athlete).

Sitya Danger quickly went viral through a combination of guerilla marketing, charisma, and the fact that musically speaking, it’s actually an intriguing song.

If you include the fact that the ‘ghetto community’ essentially identifies Alien Skin as their new voice, then the fact that he is easily the breakout artiste of the year thus far really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Patrick Mulwana, as the name on his National ID says, is a singer that dabbles in dancehall, reggae and Afro-pop.

Sitya Danger comfortably falls into the dancehall genre, but what immediately hits you about the song is the absolute lack of pretentiousness it has.

There’s nothing about that bass line that defines the song’s instrumental bed, and the keys echoing it are somewhat basic. But it is in his delivery and in his lines that he kills it. His lyrics define the world that surrounds him, and his defiance of those circumstances is something that he expresses eloquently, with a catchy drawl that is infectious.

Sitya Danger really rides on the personality and charisma of Alien Skin, a lad who has already figured out how to spot a niche in the market place and seize it.

His timing is impeccable, and he has an eye for the sort of thing that is snazzy in a cosmopolitan way. A great example is his name, which might be just about the sleekest thing I have seen in the music industry ever (I might be biased because I am still recovering from idiotic names like Rickman Manrick).

This kid is going to be around for a while, as long as he tones down on that habit of jumping of the back of
999 Police Patrol pick-up trucks, which can be somewhat harmful to one’s health.

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