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Music Review: Quiet Song – K!mera

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By Dennis Asiimwe

Sam K!mera went and named a song appropriately.

However, Quiet Song is not simply appropriately named; it’s a quietly meditative, beautiful melody.

It has (I kid you not) two chords. That’s about five minutes of two chords. It makes for very contemplative bit of music, like something Hans Zimmer would write for a Christopher Nolan movie. Very otherworldly stuff.

The phases between the two chords are filled with beautiful arpeggios, played on what sounds like an acoustic, jazz guitar with steel strings.

Against a bed of synth strings, those arpeggios are eloquent, like they have perfected the art of enunciation.

It’s beautiful stuff, and hints at a world that is both peaceful and full of stunning possibilities. I was tempted to ask Sam what he was thinking about when he wrote this, but then I decided that would be the wrong way to approach this.

The right question should really be, what does Quiet Song evoke in you?

The power of contemplation and quiet. It evokes a sense of longing, for the peace and completeness being hinted at in that music.

In my mind, I keep going back to Christopher Nolan’s movie, Interstellar, and its depiction of a black hole, which was one awe inspiring sight (and later proven to be scientifically accurate). And yes, Hans Zimmer wrote the score for Interstellar.

Was Sam thinking movie score when he put Quiet Song together? Hard to tell, really – but I simply have not come across a composition like this before, here.

Quiet Song is the fourth song off his EP, Minds.

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