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Music Review: Obulungi Bunuma – B2C Ent

by Editorial Team
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By Dennis Asiimwe

I think of this group as a precautionary tale.

That they are talented is obvious.

The industry acknowledges their talent, with celebrated Mowzey Radio identifying them for a collaboration just before his death, before even someone as prickly about collaborations as Rema, agreeing to one.

Everyone agreed that they were going to be the next big thing, with their impressive vocal capacity and versatility as the key reason they were primed to replace Radio and Weasel as the country’s prime pop musical group.

Then they dropped to conspicuously mediocre song after song, material that is as memorable as a geography class on a hot, clammy, afternoon. Why? We haven’t yet figured that part out, thought here are a few possible reasons.

There’s couple of possible reasons though.

The group seem to be struggling with management, and decided to manage themselves. There’s obvious disadvantages to this, including the fact that the lads are probably too close to the product to be able to see how objectively it needs to be packaged and marketed.

At the moment, they are managing themselves, and the results are somewhat disastrous. The video for Obulungi Bunuma shows the lads trying to redefine themselves as a cross between the Backstreet Boys and a TikTok video, against a very forgettable bit of music. It is a disastrous combination, with barely anything musical about it.

And that is the disappointment about B2C Ent at the moment, musically speaking – there is barely anything about the lads now that is musical. And considering their obvious ability, this is nearly criminal.

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