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Music Review: Muwomya – Sheebah and King Saha

by Editorial Team
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By Dennis Asiimwe

A collaboration between Sheebah and King Saha is one you are going to look forward to, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Saha takes the lead on this afro-pop vehicle that has a cheerful, happy groove. He’s always been compared to Jose Chameleone, with some claiming a striking similarity between the two, but I will be the first to say that is an absurd claim.

His vocal ability is significantly superior: smoother, easier delivery on the ear, that sort of thing. He holds his high notes with sumptuous ease.

Sheebah has slowly matured as an artiste. She willingly concedes the front of the song to Saha, and doesn’t mind being somewhat on the song’s peripheral.

And while Saha certainly lacks Jose Chameleone’s heady charisma (the one area where Jose is superior), he has a joyful tone to his music that can be as potent, and that carries the song along.

The song works particularly well because these two have the ability to work an afro-pop groove to bits, and make it more than the ordinary groove that it really is.

The song’s arrangement is simple, which isn’t surprising – it is an afro-pop song, after all. But what keeps it afloat is the numerous variations in melody that Saha and Sheebah seem to come up with throughout the song. That, and that delightful session band that does the music bed the two are singing to, especially the guitar that hints at a certain popular riff.

The two also handle the song’s harmonies, and they do it with the sort of comfort of execution that emphasizes how long they have been doing this sort of thing.

Would love it if these two continued to collaborate together on this sort of song – the chemistry is great here!

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