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Music Review: Mbikka – Spice Diana

by Editorial Team
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By Dennis Asiimwe

Source Management have done some significant work for their client, Spice Diana, giving her an impressive image revamp over the last couple of years, and finding her some interesting material to work with.

Mbikka, which was penned by Nince Henry, is an excellent example. They have worked well together, those two; look up Body as a reference.

Source Management, of course, have their hands full at the moment, trying to get past the murder allegations that the singer is currently facing, but for now, with Diana in the limelight, is as good a time as any to have a look at her latest material.

I felt like Mbikka was a good point for Diana. It felt like she had arrived at a place in her career defined by consistency, a consistency reflected in the quality of the material she was putting out.

Mbikka follows on the heels of Body, which followed on the heels of Yes, that delightful duet with Tanzania’s talented vocalist Mbosso, which followed on the heels of Kokonya, her duet with another intriguing Tanzanian artiste, Harmonize.

All these tracks followed a method you could define – definitive melodies, with the songs crafted to suit Diana, and not the other way round. It is the reason why she relaxes around them, because she feels like she owns them.

And it has helped her come into her own – Spice Diana is the sort of artiste that thrives on confidence, and the technical strength of these songs, along with their success has given her a poise that we had not witnessed before.

It is reflected in her live music performances, where she is suddenly showcasing flashes of charisma we barely knew existed.

Mbikka is cheeky, with seductive and playful wordplay that Spice Diana pulls off comfortably and believably.

It is also the sort of song that an artiste in a good place sings.

The song’s genre, which comes off as something of a cross between Zouk and dancehall, was also innovative – it leaves your mind trying to place it, while lending the song the best of both genres.

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