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Music Review: Mazima – Fresh Kid

by Editorial Team
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By Dennis Asiimwe

In case you thought he was caught up with school, the kid is still around, dropping singles. His latest? A track called Mazima. And yes, he still looks like someone you are more likely to casually backhand as you walk past him.

I am not sure whether the idea was to make him seem more approachable or something, but there is something gratingly simplistic about that backing music bed that genuinely gets to me. What were the folks at Bad Man Records thinking?

It’s a disservice to Fresh Kid, especially because he is genuinely still at the top of his game, dropping lines with a confidence and delivery that belies his age. How old is he again? 8? 9? He sounds at least 17. Yeek!

Apart from Fresh Kid’s delivery, there’s nothing really catchy or memorable about Mazima. The chaps at Bad Man Records may have thought a simplistic musical bed might make the song more memorable, but it sort of doesn’t work that way.

I can’t be the first person to look at the material he churns out and think Fresh Kid would probably benefit from better production and better hooks, which would help him avoid sounding like a nursery rhyme from an alternative universe.

And not a particularly catchy one at that.

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