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Music Review: Gwe Weka – B2C Ent

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By Dennis Asiimwe

I got my question answered when a couple of weeks ago, I was involved in an industry grape vine chat, where I asked the question: who is handling the B2C lads?

The answer was: they manage themselves. Good grief – that certainly explains a lot. It explains why one of the most talented collection of musicians doesn’t future more frequently on the charts.

These boys are freakishly good – and they feature a wonderfully diverse array of musical abilities.

There’s the chap that sounds a lot like the late Mowzey Radio; there’s the ragamuffin; there’s the third chap, whom I have no one to compare to in terms of singing ability, but who is a solid talent in his own right.

Gwe Weka is their latest single. It does have one strength – it highlights their singing ability almost from the offset.

It is not the sort of pop song that will scorch its way up the charts… the boys do manage themselves, and apparently write their own music, so they are still finding their way in this regard. But it’s a decent track.

It is finally a song that hints at the ability that is bubbling underneath, a bit like that track they did with the late Radio and Weasel, Gutamiiza.

However, Gwe Weka, while the production is neat enough, doesn’t stand out as intensely as a chart buster needs to.

If the song was a girl at a party, it would be the girl with the nice personality, not the one with the killer legs you can’t stop staring at.

And that is why B2C simply need competent management – people who can work behind the scenes finding great material for them to flaunt those voices, while the lads go about the business of being superstars.

And another thing competent management can do is find them a name that doesn’t sound like it came from a text book.

And no, Kampala Boys, which it is rumoured they are considering, is an awful option as well.

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