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Music Review: Fwa Fwa Fwa – Azawi

by Editorial Team
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By Dennis Asimwe

Azawi’s latest single, Fwa Fwa Fwa, was possibly the single that her management team thought over hardest before putting it together and dropping it.
This is because this is probably the trickiest part of her career. She can no longer catch the industry by surprise – heck, she already has signature sound. No one is going to be surprised by her quirky delivery, her delicious melodies, or the fact that her songs all have a groove that is both subtle and deliberate. In other words, everyone expects her music to be good.

In dropping Fwa Fwa Fwa, Swangz Avenue had to be careful. A year ago, she was on a tear, with a wildly successful album and a nation tour that seemed exhausting even when you just heard about it. Where were they to go from there? Abandon a formula that had worked so well? Reinvent? Well, what they have done with Fwa Fwa Fwa is retain some of what worked last year, while freshening things up a little. Oh, and for good measure, throwing in a familiar colloquialism that almost every Ugandan will recognise.

Fwa Fwa Fwa has a light-hearted feel too it, even though technically the song is about a discounted girl who wants more and seems to be irked by her love interest’s indifference. The light-hearted tone is enabled by the percussive mid frequency keys that are the primary instrument, as well as the delightful, light, percussion that gives off that odd property of being both subtle and deliberate.

It’s the sort of song that ticks many boxes – you will bop to it at a house party, while easily balancing a drink in hand; it sounds like something that would work really well at a concert, or festival, especially performed live; it would sound great on your car radio, and just as good on a dancefloor.

Fwa Fwa Fwa is the type of song that sneaks up on you and becomes a favourite of yours, without you realising it – and that’s part of the charm. Azawi and the team behind her have figured out a way of keeping those hits coming, without making it look contrived.

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