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Music Review (Down Memory Lane): Nsanyuka Nawe – Blue*3

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By Dennis Asiimwe

It is easy to tell that Blue*3 was probably the one group in Uganda that could claim to have pedigree.

All you have to do is take a look at the solo careers of the group’ members after the group broke up.

Lillian is a solid recording and live music artiste, Jackie Chandiru (before personal problems decimated her) was a stunning musical creative force, while Cindy is comfortably one of the best live acts in town, with a voice that still blows your mind, and a versatility that is unmatched.

Mya, who replaced Cindy when she quit the group (or was ahem, pushed out), didn’t push her solo career much, but there were no surprises there.

This song had a joyfulness to it that was undeniable. It was in the song’s lyrics, and the groove of the song.

The song itself translates beautifully to a live performance. If I remember correctly, the girls even had a little jig they threw to it, choreographed to the song’s heady beat.

A song about young love, Nsanyuka Nawe played to the individual strength of the three girls. Makes you wonder why no one has ever managed to get all three on stage again, eh? Performing this song – now that would be mind-blowing.

But alas, because of apparent personal differences between the girls, this will never happen. It is still a pleasant thought.

Nsanyuka Nawe was suddenly brought to my mind by a band I watched at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel on Saturday, April 2, with a tiny girl with some serious pipes on her.

I suddenly paid attention because I was both impressed by her delivery and I was trying to remember where I had heard the song before. Then it hit me: it was when the world was young and the girls at Blue*3 were queens of everything they set their eyes on.

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