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Music Review (Down Memory Lane): Nakonkona – Emperor Orlando

by Editorial Team
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By Dennis Asiimwe

Any of you folks remember him?

He was a club MC of sorts who plied his trade in Angenoir Discotheque. He wasn’t half bad, and was mostly the sort of person you tolerated when he hit the mic.

He caught the music bug, of course, a bit like Ragga Dee. It was somewhat inevitable if you spent the night surrounded by amped levels of surround sound and folks gyrating on dance floors.

He didn’t have much of a career, but this particular track got some traction.

It had a hilariously low budget video that was strangely effective, and that helped.

Nakonkona was produced within a dancehall format (of course) and Orlando ensured it graced the dance floors of Angenoir.

He badly required the charisma required to push his music career a little further, unlike folks like Ragga Dee who literally grinned their way through their music careers.

Nakonkona did have good thing going for it – it was actually penned well.

The lyricism is tongue in cheek, and hugely satirical.

The song tells the tale of a cheating couple, who, in the middle of doing their thing, are interrupted by a knock at the door.

The boyfriend of the woman, who also happens to be paying for the premises where she lives, and where the cheating is currently taking place, has arrived, and is knocking rather authoritatively (as one tends to knock when they pay the rent).

Nakonkona had some legs on it, and lingered around for a while, seeing several generations through their university and clubbing days, probably because it was relatable (which is a worrying indictment of Ugandan society).

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