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Music Review (Down Memory Lane): Love You Every Day – Bebe Cool

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By Dennis Asiimwe

Every artiste needs a signature tune, one that says about their career, “I was there, I did that.”

The term that best captures this is magnum opus: a work of art, music, or literature that is regarded as the most important or best work that an artiste, composer, or writer has produced.

It defines a career, a legacy in a way, and is proof that they were not wasting their time (or ours).

Until he dropped this song, Bebe Cool didn’t really have a song that fit this definition – it is no wonder he is unwilling to share credit for the tune with anyone (he insists he wrote it and refuses to acknowledge the role that Michael ‘Fingers’ Mugisha and Esther Nabaasa.

In his defence, the song does sound like he wrote it – the lyrics are a little stilted.

It is probably a shared credit anyway on terms of lyricism and composition, but it is almost certainly Michael that produced and arranged the song. That along would be nearly 80% of the reason why it was such a solid hit – Fingers is an absurdly good producer.

Everything about the song screams signature music – that deliberate mute bass guitar, the steel strings guitar, that deliberate percussion, and Bebe Cool’s sumptuous vocal performance.

The song did what it was produced to do – it dominated the charts, and was, of course, the highlight of his live music performances.

Love You Every Day dropped around 2014, so it is easy to argue that Bebe Cool is way overdue in terms of another signature tune. But good heavens this song was huge.

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