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Music Review (Down Memory Lane): Linda – Rema & Chris Evans

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By Dennis Asiimwe

I have never been a fan of Paddy Man, but this is one of the songs where I think his work was at genius level.
It also helped that the track is written by Chris Evans, who is easily one of my favourite singer-song writers,
when it comes to Luganda. The man can pen a melody.

But Paddy Man had to bring the melody to life as the man behind the boards, and he does so skillfully, with a
walking bass, and an afro-pop groove that makes the most of its walking rhythm. More importantly, he was
working with two incredibly gifted vocalists, who captured the nuance of the two protagonists portrayed in
the song: the petulant, sulky woman, and the patient, loving man.

This song was made for a live music performance, and it showed at the last Rema concert, when Chris Evans
joined Rema on stage and time seemed to stand still for the audience.

Paddy Man and Chris know their audiences, and created a song that works for them: syrupy, almost, with the sort of lyrics that girls swoon over in their day dreams, and with that groove that folks can bop and roll to at those timeless bars at 2am in
the morning after having a gentle beer or two.

Linda is an archetypical love song, one that describes what sound like a typical relationship in a peri-urban
area like Kireka. A woman in homemaker mode, pining for attention from her hustler husband, who is
swamped trying to make things work in the sudden urban reality that defines the rat race that he finds himself
in. He even leaves behind kameeza money, about 200,000, which, at the very least, seems reasonable (if you
watch the song’s video).

Linda dropped seven years or so ago, but remains timeless. I enjoyed re-visiting this.

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