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Music Review (Down Memory Lane): Kwe Kunya Kunya Remix – Vampino ft Keko, Juliana & Cindy

by Editorial Team
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By Dennis Asiimwe

Remixes have this hilarious habit of reminding you about how the original song wasn’t really up to scratch. I had never heard the original song before this remix came out, and even up to today, I haven’t come across the original.

But that doesn’t matter – this remix hogged its way up the charts like mad. It had some sort of back story that I never really got a hold of, something about Vampino being thrown out of a bar, which inspired him to put this song together to prove he wasn’t a spent force, musically speaking.

The song was produced by Just Jose, who was a wonderfully talented producer and was always fantastic working with ensembles of this sort. And Vampino had put together an impressive ensemble, and team that included Keko, Juliana and Cindy.

The song dropped about 2015, a time when I noticed an interesting trend – Ugandan music was beginning to dominate night spots in the city.

Between Vampino and Just Jose, the pair were able to bring the best out of the lineup of the artistes.

Vampino’s hook is infectious, and lends ownership to the rack, while Keko was at the top of her game, combining sleek lyricism with that near perfect syntax of hers which made her delivery excellent.

Getting Juliana on board for this project was impressive enough, but getting her to believe in it was even more impressive – she probably has a healthy respect for Cindy – she was simply at her best on this one.

Her cameo was gorgeous, and she dug deep, using those dulcet tones of hers and even channeling her sexy side.

Juliana backed this up with some delightful ad libbing, that made you understand why she is so revered.

And Cindy then drops into the track and is predictably organic, and leads the song into its climax and interlude.

Typical of Just Jose’s work, the song is neatly arranged, with each cameo having a deliberateness about where it fits, and how it contributes to the song.

The first time I heard this song I was on a dancefloor – made it a memorable night.

Vampino, you don’t get enough credit for this musical effort. Cheers!

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