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Music Review (Down Memory Lane): Ayokya Yokya – Cindy

by Editorial Team
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By Dennis Asiimwe

By the time this track dropped, there was no doubt – Cindy had made the transition from Blu*3 seamlessly and was now a bonafide solo artiste, easily dominating the dancehall scene.

She wouldn’t stop there, of course, transitioning even further into a wonderful, live music performing artiste and a bankable star. At this point, however, she was still trying out her musical biceps, flexing them to see just how far she could take things.

This was the heyday of the producer, and Washington was behind the boards on this one. He was at the top of his game, with an ear for what the market wanted, what it demanded.

With Cindy’s vocals and energy, they turned this simple track into a dance floor anthem of sorts.

The song was produced as a dancehall track, and by then Cindy owned that genre on the Ugandan music scene. She had the energy, verve and charisma that one needs to flourish within dancehall, and more importantly, she had the vocals for it.

On Ayokya Yokya, she deliberately works those attributes to the max, coming off as something of a vixen with her suggestive ad libbing. But as we later discovered with her live music performances, she really has some pipes to her and made the most out of a melody that was just above average.

Cindy was primed to have a successful music career, as songs like Ayokya Yokya exemplified. She was comfortable on her own, and could carry a song single handedly. As her later live performances later exemplified, she had the pipes for the job, exemplary ones at that.

Ayokya Yokya was a solid hint of a career that was taking off.

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