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Music Review: Craving You Heavy – Azawi

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By Dennis Asiimwe

The Azawi train shows no signs of slowing down.

And somewhat ominously, her technical ability, at least vocally, actually seems to be getting even better. She sounds sublime on Craving You Heavy, and that is some delightful song writing as well. The song has her signature all over it.

What makes Azawi such an easy, marketable hit?

The sheer relatability of her music.

Like Slow Dancing, Craving You Heavy is the sort of song you might think of trying out if you were at a Karaoke Club, and didn’t want to embarrass yourself, or were not yet drunk enough to not care if you did.

And then it is what Azawi does with that easy relatable bit of music that makes you simply stop and listen. She immerses herself into the music, and interprets it instinctively, owning it and giving it inflections that are instantly recognisable. She is currently the most instantly recognisable artiste in town for this reason.

The production style for this one can be defined as ‘soft dancehall’ – Azawi’s approach has always been easy on the ear, a production decision by some genius at Swangz Avenue.

Against a gorgeous acoustic guitar that sounds like it has steel strings, her vocals are impeccable – she actually sounds sultry on this one.

Craving You Heavy is bi-lingual, performed in both English and Luganda, which is another reason the song will work. Curiously, it sounds like a love song, even though it is more about craving – ‘I am starving for you’, she sings frankly.

I give you Azawi’s latest hit

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