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Music Review: Cinderella – An–Known & Rickman Manrick

by Editorial Team
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By Dennis Asiimwe

The collaboration has a few things going for it, some of which are not necessarily not musical. For one, those two names are going to be the most unusual you are going to come across within the music industry.

Secondly, this is a musical effort endorsed (at the very least) by Sheila Gashumba, who can be as charming as nails on a blackboard, but who is still formidable as a social media presence for reasons only known to the gods.

The collaboration is a love song, if you can imagine Manrick being part of one. I am not sure what genre Manrick claims to dabble in (I get the impression he imagines he is a hip hop artiste). On Cinderella, he spends his cameo doing an impression of Luga-flow. He must have tonnes of confidence, this young man, because his deliver is frightfully ordinary and bland, and still, he blows ahead.

Cinderella is rescued by the other fellow with the equally unusual name, the chap known as An-Known. While he sounds oddly like he has been auto-tuned to bits, his plaintive vocals can still carry a tune, and he makes the melody of the verse and chorus of this track work well.

The production on Cinderella is dramatically sub-standard. It also feels awkwardly unoriginal – I don’t mean to start a war of sorts, but that bed sounds suspiciously like the one used on Bebe Cool’s Love You Forever. At the very least, they were going for the same groove on the bass line, eh? We can say definitely that did not get there.

I would like to hear more from An-Known, especially in collaboration with someone a little more complete as an artiste. As for Rickman, Cinderella simply reminds us of how dramatically limited he is an artiste.

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