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Music Review: Born Unruly – Alien Skin

by Editorial Team
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By Dennis Asiimwe

The Alien Skin train shows no sign of slowing down, in case you thought that was something the folks at
Fangone Forest were thinking.

Born Unruly is the latest single from Alien Skin and it captures the essence of what makes the population so
fascinated with him: he represents a concept, an ideal, the idea that one can break free of the constraints of
the situation they find themselves in.

The fact that the management team behind Alien Skin seem to have figured out what makes him work as an
artiste, and are deliberately tapping into it underlines something I always believed when I first listened to this
kid: he is going to be around for a while, folks. Alien Skin is what the music industry didn’t know it needed
until he showed up.

According to some reliable sources, Alien Skin’s place of abode is also outfitted with a studio, to push him to
put out material every time he is inspired. So any time he gets an idea, he crosses over to the next room and
hits the boards. And that, friends and neighbours, is probably how he came up with the deceptively simple
Born Unruly.

I cannot get over the minimalist production style that they go with on this track. An insanely catchy groove
and Alien Skin’s hedonistic vocals, and that’s it. That is daring. And it works – he who dares and all that, I

For someone who pushes the whole ‘daring’ agenda, Alien Skin has been careful to display a remarkable level of restraint at every opportunity. He showed it in that Pallaso saga, and even handled his recent run in with NUP thugs online who came after him over some vague issue with Bobi Wine.

This kid is the definition of controlled chaos, feeding the people what he knows they need, while keeping in check the urge to go nuclear.

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