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Music managers Karma Ivien, Arafat join forces

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

In a monumental move, two highly acclaimed music managers, Karma Ivien and Arafat, have come together to make a profound impact on the music industry.

After years of collaborating and creating unforgettable music, Arafat recently decided to part ways with Feffe Bussi. Both parties mutually agreed to pursue new opportunities that would enhance their individual brands.

Following Feffe Bussi’s announcement of his new management team, Arafat wasted no time in forming an exciting partnership with Karma Ivien. The news sent shockwaves through the industry.

On Friday , Arafat took to social media to reveal the formation of their groundbreaking record label. The announcement was met with eager anticipation as fans and industry insiders eagerly awaited the next chapter in their careers.

In a series of captivating photos, both Karma Ivien and Arafat proudly showcased their signed contracts, symbolizing their united vision.

With their combined expertise and experience working with renowned music brands, the dynamic duo is poised to scout and nurture exceptional talent under their new label. The industry is abuzz with speculation about the emerging artists who will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the music landscape.

Karma has managed prominent artists such as; Pallaso, Fik Fameica, VIP Jemo, and several more, and Arafat has been managing Feffe Busi.

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