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Mungi slams Crysto Panda, again

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
Rapper Mungi Matovu has taken a swipe at fellow rapper Crysto Panda saying he tries very hard to use established rappers to raise his level. He, however, noted that he has no opinion over Panda’s music.
“I do not know what kind of music he does, I thought he was a TV presenter. I do not have a problem with him, but he just wants to raise his levels,” Mungi said. 
Crysto Panda accused Mungi last year of plagiarising his song titled Bintwaala. In his defence, Mungi took to Twitter and argued that Bintwaala is a slang and therefore not exclusively Panda’s.
The two were once good friends and had a good working relationship. They recorded Kampala Takoma together. Since the plagiarism allegation, however, they express disgust every time they talk about each other.

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