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MultiChoice creates platform for Radio stations

by Editorial Team
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By Ivan Kabuye

Multichoice audience will now have an opportunity to listen to their favorite radio stations following the introduction of the E36 platform.

This also comes as an opportunity for radios to capture a wider coverage globally since there will be no limits for frequency.

According to the Multi choice Head of Marketing Colin Asiimwe said that these visual audio radios will be provided on every bouquet of Dstv.

Colin remarked that that normally radio stations have limited geographical coverage, which limits there listener ship and viewership.

However once they join air on Multichoice’s E36 platform for their Ugandan audience, they will be able widen their listenership even beyond borders since Dstv covers worldwide. He noted.

While addressing the press at the launch event of one of the radio stations on board, Joan Semanda Kizza, the PR and Communications Manager, MultiChoice Uganda said,

“The launch of audio Visual Technology is a step towards expanding what we offer as an edutainment brand. Says Kizza

He added on to say that the Audiovisual Technology will offer alternative radio content and bring your favorite presenters closer to you.

“We believe that our customer’s needs should not be bound by any barriers”. He says

“We call upon radio stations in Uganda to embrace the Audio Visual Technology provided by Dstv since most Ugandans are home and have enough time to spend on Dstv whereby they can easily switch to the audio visual platform”. Says Kizza.

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