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Mr Henrie meant every word he said about bleached women, says King Mats

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By Hussein Kiganda

King Mats, who presents the Xplosion Show on XFM, asserts that fellow radio presenter Mr. Henrie meant everything he said about women who bleach despite his apology.

On Sunday, August 21, during the Rolex Festival at Lugogo Cricket Oval, Henrie fired shots supposedly at his ex-lover, Prima Kardashi. 

“Bleached women are not sweet,” he bellowed into the microphone.

Mr. Henrie, however, dismissed claims that he was aiming at Kardashi. The two dated from 2020 until recently when they broke up.

“What I said is not in any way related to my relationship. It was not directed at anyone. It was the vibe. I want to apologise to anyone that felt hurt by what I said,” Henrie apologised.

According to King Mats, Henrie’s excuse of having been on vibe is not strong enough to earn him mercy from women who bleach.

“I don’t believe it was just a vibe, but rather he was sending a message to someone. However, he forgot that he was using the wrong platform to send the message, hence attacking a number of ladies who use bleaching cosmetics. It was wrong to generalise, but the good thing is that he realised his mistake and took the responsibility of saying sorry to whoever his statement hurt,” King Mats said.

King Mats added: “Every time presenters make mistakes, we say it was the vibe. I do not think I am weak to that extent. I write my scripts well whether on air or at events. I cannot hurt people in the name of vibe. I advise fellow presenters to stick to professional codes.”

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