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Movies to look out for at Uganda Film Festival Awards

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

As filmmakers gear up for the Uganda Film Festival (UFF) Awards slated for Friday, June 3, we highlight some of the movies that have been appreciated so much during screening and are tipped to receive glory.

Out of the 282 projects that were submitted to the UFF, a few managed to get nominated.

Among these are eye-catching movies like The Girl In The Yellow Jumper by Loukman Ali, Tembele by Morris Mugisha, and My Husband’s Wife by Mariam Ndagire.

A number of them have received more than five nominations, greatly improving their chances of taking home accolades. 

The Girl In The Yellow Jumper broke the record, becoming Uganda’s first movie to stream on Netflix, an international platform.

It got people talking last year and this year too. It is great in picture quality, editing, and sound. It has seven nominations in the UFFs.

Tembele is another emotional movie that one needs to give attention to. It was hailed during screening and word on the street is that since it fits in May’s theme of mental health, this could be an advantage at the UFFs.

Bedroom Chains by Hassan Mageye is another that the feminists could jot on their list. It’s well-edited and has great picture quality although it has not received the noise that it deserves. It received 10 nominations and it’s a must-watch. 

Another great one is Foot Wine by Maynard Mulindwa. It takes us back to the village to look for our local banana brew. It’s well-directed, lit, and has got a great storyline. It received nine nominations. 

Nalwawo directed by Eric Emokor is another great one. If you have ever been a childless married woman, it could push you for juju. And for those women whose men have advised them not to work, this is for you. It’s message-laden. It has caused buzz on the internet because of its plot. It has been nominated in nine categories.

Categories to look out for

For those of you who enjoy seeing the facial expressions caused by tension, disappointment, and jubilation, you need to take the front seats at the UFF Awards 2022. Some categories could leave the weak-hearted in tears. Below are some of them.

Best Director

All the directors in the category have had great films which have left viewers talking. Morris Mugisha with his Tembele deserves the award, but what about Hassan Mageye’s Bedroom Chains? It’s also good enough for him to bag it too.

And if you have watched The Girl In The Yellow Jumper, and what it has done for Uganda, you could pass it over to Loukman Ali.

Maynard Mulindwa’s Foot Wine and Eric Emokor’s Nalwawo will leave you scratching your head. We leave it to the UFF jury. 

Best Feature Film

No need to debate about any of these movies in this category. They are all great and deserve this award. Foot Wine, The Girl In The Yellow Jumper, Bedroom Chains, Tembele, and The Wave are all perfect. It will be a tight race.

Other tight categories are; Best Local Indigenous Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actor in Feature Film, and Best Actress in Feature Film.

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