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Movie Review: The nudes by Tony Lutakome

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

If you have not heard about this new habit of requesting for naked pictures and recording live sex sessions on the phones, then you have not been in Uganda of late. From Desire’s “epitome” to Martha Kay’s and the rest, these girls have claimed that they record the videos to send them to their beloved ones. Not even the gods know how these videos fall into the hands of those that leak them to the public.

Well, Tony Lutakome’s new movie “The Nudes”, preaches against the habit and highlights the dangers of recording and receiving pictures and videos of naked partners.

Screenshots of some scenes in the movie. Photo by Hussein Kiganda

It draws questions on how long the married can go to save their marriages amidst technology.

The movie of 26 minutes tells the story of Henry(Tony Lutakome Kayanja) who loses his fiance(Sherry Kamara) after receiving pictures of a naked whore, ” the nude sender”(Aisha Nakaye).

Henry’s fiance checks his phone only to find nude pictures of a whore and her quest to find answers from Henry ends in anger. So begins mistrust in him and the itch of anger starts burning, sending her into revenge. She seeks the scratch from a young nearby man not knowing that Henry’s shame has turned him into an investigative lover, to prove to her that she is not a saint either.

Though he feels betrayed and is mad when he learns that his girlfriend’s anger is condensed by another man, he is also feasting on the “nude sender” behind the curtains, despite not being interested in her.

Mixed with anger and shame, Henry wants to kill his fiance but the holy spirit guides him,  reminding him of the Bible verse, “He who kills by the sword shall die by the word”. He falls to the ground and forgives his fiance.

“The Nude Sender” is not backing off, her aim is to win over Henry’s heart so she sends more pictures to attract him. Like a fool inviting death for dinner, he falls for her trap and goes to meet her. Little does he know that his fiance is following his steps. His fiance catches the two red-handed but as she advances to kill Henry, she is head-butted by “the nude sender”.

It’s a powerful and relevant story following the trends in Uganda. However, it seems to glorify the villain. ” The Nude Sender”, who spoils everything in the movie garners victory over an innocent character who is affected by her evil moves. Instead of rewarding Henry’s fiance for her patience, the writer decides to dispose her from the movie in an unfair way. 

Much as the director, Tony Lutakone, claims there is another part coming through, the first part is not satisfying to those that are preaching against the vice.

The movie was produced, directed, and written by Tony Lutakome Kayanja and it features himself, Sherry Kamara and Aisha Nakaye as leads.

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