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Mosh Mulla, Heyz Bullet drop collabo

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By Hussein Kiganda

TV presenter turned singer Mosh Mulla together with soft-voiced Heyz bullet have combined  voices to put a melody in their latest song dubbed “No Lie”.

In this, the two concretize their love for one lady for whom each of them wants to make theirs. In one of the verses, one of them sings, “nebwekuba kupanga amagumbago ngagatta,” and the other sings, “Tell me you love me No Lie.”

Heyz Bullet has put a melody to the song No Lie with Mosh Mulla. Photo by Hussein Kiganda

Talking to The Kampala Sun, Mulla said his decision to become a musician came after he took up a manager’s role, it was vital for him to show his artists that he can also sing.

“I am managing several young talents because I want to build the next generation. Some artists think we can not do what they do. I wanted to show them that I can sing and I know what I am doing so that when I tell them to do this and that, they can believe in me,” Mulla said.

Heyz Bullet is known for his songs formula, lucky winner, back home, Ebyabaawo with Voltage Music, and official with Bomba and Chozen Blood.

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