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More Kenyan men going crazy for TV personality Doreen Nasasira

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By Hussein Kiganda

Media personality Doreen Nasasira has unexpectedly become a sensation on social media following her revelation that two additional Kenyan suitors have approached her with grandiose marriage proposals and lavish gifts.

Renowned for her previous encounter with a Kenyan admirer who promised her 58 cows, Nasasira took to her Facebook page to provide the latest updates.

“So most of you want an update about the Kenyan guy who wants to give me 58 cows. Well, this guy from Kenya (Nandi Tribe) inboxed me yesterday on Facebook mbu he’s coming over any weekend from now,” she shared, conveying her astonishment.

In a surprising turn of events, Nasasira disclosed that a second gentleman desired to bestow upon her 83 cows, while another has vowed to present her with a vast expanse of land, spanning 100 acres in Nyandura county, located in central Kenya.

“Another Kenyan guy has joined the competition mbu he’s going to give me 100 acres of shamba in central Kenya (Nyandura county). The third Kenyan guy is offering 83 cows now,” Nasasira further elaborated.

Despite the enticing offers, Nasasira emphasised her love for Kampala, indicating her decision to remain in Uganda despite the tempting prospects elsewhere.

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